Royalty Free Meditation Music - Deep Theta Waves Regeneration 417Hz

Healing Meditation Music
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Beautiful and inspiring meditation music with deep theta wave binaural beats and 417 Hz Solfeggio frequency.

Want to use it? Sure, you can after buying a royalty free license!

Which grants you non-exclusive right to use this music in any project or video. You pay only once. Royalty free license allows multiple use with no additional fees (royalties) paid after. The only limitation is TV/Broadcasting use and you can't release this track on streaming platforms or any other services that automatically add copyright.

With all questions and requests, feel free to contact us on Facebook or Instagram we're happy to help!

Youtube Usage and Copyright Claims just read more details here, follow these simple instructions or contact us if you need assistance.

P.S: This track is also released on streaming platforms in case you just want to listen to it while meditating :)

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30 minutes of meditative music with theta binaural beats and 417Hz solfeggio frequency, a great combination for energy renewal and healing. This music will create an amazing atmosphere and meditative flow in your project or video!

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